Firefox 11

Full internal name:org.mozilla.Firefox
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This package installs Firefox in English. You can add languages after the installation by navigating to .

kw: Mozilla

License:Mozilla Firefox license 2.0
SHA-1 or SHA-256:f6b5d4dfa6f9f16758c6aee0dcb0a20ba0bb27e9
Type:one file
    Text files:
    echo [Install] > .Npackd\FF.ini
    echo InstallDirectoryPath=%CD% >> .Npackd\FF.ini
    echo QuickLaunchShortcut=false >> .Npackd\FF.ini
    echo DesktopShortcut=false >> .Npackd\FF.ini
    for /f "delims=" %%x in ('dir /b *.exe') do set setup=%%x
    "%setup%" /INI="%CD%\.Npackd\FF.ini"
    uninstall\helper.exe /S
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