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Java runtime (JRE). This package uses internal version numbers. For example, corresponds to “Version 7 update 1 or 7u1”

License:Java SE license
SHA-1 or SHA-256:12c3e70c4348ba89e3817a5b48a41b26b1245550
Type:one file
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ren AutoDL setup.exe

for /f "delims=" %%x in ('dir /b *.exe') do set setup=%%x
"%setup%" /s /L "%cd%\.Npackd\MSI.log" INSTALLDIR="%CD%" STATIC=1 && del /f /q "%setup%"
set err=%errorlevel%
type .Npackd\MSI.log
if %err% neq 0 exit /b %err%
"%nih%\UninstallMSI.bat" {26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F86418074F0}
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