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combines the native Windows shell cmd.exe with the powerful command line editing features of the GNU Readline library, which provides rich completion, history, and line-editing capabilities. Readline is best known for its use in the well-known Unix shell Bash, the standard shell for Mac OS X and many Linux distributions.


  • The same line editing as Bash (from GNU’s Readline library).
  • History persistence between sessions.
  • Context sensitive completion;
  • Executables (and aliases).
  • Directory commands.
  • Environment variables
  • Thirdparty tools; Git, Mercurial, SVN, Go, and P4.
  • New keyboard shortcuts;
  • Paste from clipboard (Ctrl-V).
  • Incremental history search (Ctrl-R/Ctrl-S).
  • Powerful completion (TAB).
  • Undo (Ctrl-Z).
  • Automatic “cd ..” (Ctrl-Alt-U).
  • Environment variable expansion (Ctrl-Alt-E).
  • (press Alt-H for many more…)
  • Scriptable completion with Lua.
  • Coloured and scriptable prompt.
  • Auto-answering of the “Terminate batch job?” prompt.



Thu Dec 28 22:08:08 UTC 2017

Sat Jan 31 10:33:48 UTC 2015