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command line utility

CLU - Command line utility

clu [help]
    prints this help
clu add-path --path=<path>
    appends the specified path to the system-wide PATH variable
clu remove-path --path=<path>
    removes the specified path from the system-wide PATH variable
clu list-msi
    lists all installed MSI packages
clu get-product-code --file=<file>
    prints the product code of an MSI file
clu unwrap-dir --path <path>
    move the content of a directory one level higher
clu wait --timeout=<milliseconds>
    wait for the specified amount of time

Global options:

-p, --path        directory path (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\MyProgram)
-f, --file        path to an MSI package (e.g. C:\Downloads\MyProgram.msi)
-t, --timeout     timeout in milliseconds (e.g. 10000)
-c, --title       software title in the Software control panel
-e, --encoding    file encoding


The process exits with the code unequal to 0 if an error occcures.
If the output is redirected, the texts will be encoded as UTF-8.



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